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“The exhibition La Usina del Arte (in English, The Art Factory) is a selection of top Latin American artists, exhibited during the most important art month of Paris. The location, the Billettes Cultural Centre of Paris. …read more

Sérgio Bello

La Usina del Arte

Latin American contemporary art exhibition at the heart of Paris

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Pasa la Bola, Ramsés Larzábal, Cuba, 2009, assembly with colored pencils, edition 3 / 3 (80 cm diameter)

“The exhibition of my panel Remake Aleijadinho - Gritos e Profecias (in English, Remake Aleijadinho - Cries and Prophecies), might be the moment for me to prove that Art can and must question and call out against intolerance and violence.

…read more

NOW  Remake Aleijadinho

Remake Aleijadinho

Gritos e Profecias (Cries and Prophecies)

Sérgio Bello

Jonah, Jeremiah and Isaiah, Sérgio Bello, Paris, 1989,

acrylic on canvas, (fragment from the total panel 200 x 1200 cm)

Organized by Galerie Guillaume and curated by journalist Alexandre Crochet, this is a private exhibition sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, Paris.

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with a prime selection of artworks from Abraham Palatnik (born 1928), Frans Krajcberg (born 1921), Jaildo Marinho (born 1970), Leopoldo Martins (born 1961), Lita Cerqueira (born 1952), Lucia Adverse (born 1967), Sérgio Bello (born 1952), Sonia Ebling (1918 – 2006) and Weber Pádua (born 1966).

This is a private exhibition and visits are organized by appointment only.

For visits, catalogue and acquisitions please contact us at


Le Brésil à Paris  

Johnson & Johnson 2014

Untitled (fragment), Sonia Ebling, from the series Relevos, Serigraphie on acid paper, 76/110, 56 x 49 cm

Sérgio Bello

Quatro Estrelado I, Lucia Adverse, Brazil, 2009, c-print (150 x 150 cm)