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This wonderful poster from the first European solo exhibition of Brazilian modernist artist Amilcar de Castro was edited in 2013! Very precious item in limited edition of 300, this is a must have for your collection, created for the celebration of this important event.

During the 1950’s Amilcar de Castro proposed a dialogue between new organic materials and the abstract creation. Together with Ferreira Gullar, Franz Weissman, Lygia Clark, Lygia Pape, Reynaldo Jardim, and Theon Spanudis, Amilcar presented the first Neo-Concrete Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro in March 1959, therefore being one of the most influencial artists of Brazilian Modernist and Contemporary Art.

The work is printed in high quality FineArt paper.

The artwork showed at the poster is the item ANL DES 129, Amilcar de Castro, 1990, acrylic on canvas, 80 cm x 80 cm (31.4 in x 31.4 in)




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Amilcar de Castro body of work has influenced many generations from the fifties to nowadays. The artist has always defended the importance of the creative process and the power of creating art from an introspective point of view, translating the personality of the artist into original artworks, giving it a personal concept.

The solo exhibition “Amilcar de Castro, Icone du néo-concretisme brésilien” (in English, Amilcar de Castro, Icon of Brazilian Neo-Concrete) at Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, in Paris, showcased a selection of iconic works from 1980 to 1996, from paintings to wood or iron sculptures, giving visitors a solid idea of the last ten years of his carrier.

“What determinates if the person is an artist is if he looks inside himself. Every experience is a self-experience in art; it’s the experience of oneself in a personal research. You cannot live others’ experiences. This internal silence looking for the origin of things is the big problem in art. Looking for the source you become unique, and not wanting to do anything different than that. That’s why I think that creating goes together with living. Art and life are the same thing.” Amilcar de Castro.

(Text from Ricardo Fernandes)

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