The act of buying and selling Art is always something related to pleasure but research and choice can be also related to business when you are guided by a professional.

On Buying Art

The acquisition of Contemporary Art demands detailed research beforehand.

Origin, artist’ trajectory, artist’ placement at the market and her/his future projections are only some of the items to be observed.  

We also study the artwork before your investment is made, materials, development, conservation techniques, being able to advise you about the artist career and how to acquire any artwork related to its duration and perennity estimation.

On Selling Art

The art market is affected by two main specific characteristics: One is called the Primary Market, when new art comes to the market for the first time from the artists’ atelier direct to the gallery, and the other is called the Secondary Market, for existing art pieces that have been sold by the gallery at least once before.

It is the art gallery that is going to visit the artists’ atelier and to establish the ideal primary price, based on discussions with the artist about the artwork concept and the construction process, among other very particular aspects. When the work is new to the market, it has no market history for predictive analysis, so the valuation of such work is more complex and based on many particular details discussed between the artist and the gallery. It is the gallery expert who will be establishing the artwork first price to the market, based on research, discussions and a very rational conclusion presenting the first artwork quotation to art collectors and the public.

Once a work is sold on the Primary Market it enters the Secondary Market if returned to sales. The price for which it was sold in the Primary Market has a direct influence on the work’s value in the Secondary Market. Consequently, supply and demand generally affect the Secondary Market more than the primary market. 

We are able to give you a complete support on valuation of the art piece you wish to acquire. We follow up different art market aspects and indicators, including the placement of the artist on the market. We frequently visit all major gallery shows and art fairs around the world, being very versatile in forms of Contemporary Art.  We can value all kinds of Contemporary Art, from paintings, sculptures, installations and works on paper to videos and high technology art in order to prepare and deliver you our accurate Valuation Report.

The Valuation Report is the paper we issue after our study on the artwork in question. In the case of valuation of an art piece that belongs to an art collector already, we need good quality photos (recto-verso) with all details (any hallmarks, stamps, signatures, etc.), including all information you can provide us during an interview. We can also organize a private visit in order to see the art piece.