Ana Luiza Rodrigues

“In her work, Ana Luiza Rodrigues chooses familiar and easily recognisable objects and strips them of their primordial function and denies their essential beauty while allowing then to keep their ability to emotionally connect. She then promotes an implausible encounter that seams surreal, since we can’t find logic in our minds. Cruel, because they struggle to exist side by side and we feel it would be better to separate them to end the tension. Also captivating, once you realize that in fact, you are the one being asked to strip yourself from previous perceptions and the values to enable a connection with your primordial emotions.


These objects are not only shown together but they are physically entangled and, despite us, their connection grows. From their dissonance emerges a new sonority that evolves. Consequently, like a pair of ballet dancers, they flow.”


Mariana Lima