Juan Esteves

“Capturing the psychology of the pictured is a work for masters. In a portrait, beyond the aesthetic sense – which results, among other things, in the harmony of the composition – the photographer’s lens must penetrate and perpetuate the interior of the character, intruding on his intimacy, to confirm what is known, reinforce what if you suspect or reveal what is unknown.


Juan Esteves is a keen photographer, of subtleties, and border, at times, acorn of the look, while trimming the edges and surprising with the more intriguing content. It is worth noting that Esteves is a visagist, a lover of the expression of the face, besides an exquisite esthete. Haughtiness, understanding, curiosity, distrust, detachment, harshness, humanism, humility, irony, malice, mystery, respect, wisdom, security, wisdom, and vanity are some of the attitudes detectable in these 36 poses – order is not logical and any of the portrayed can be included in a range of them.


Establishing this intricate game is what the photographer proposes to the observer. And the possibilities are many. For this and that, Juan Esteves is a master.”


Antonio Carlos Abdalla