Kati Riikonen

“Time and again we face challenging emotions and thoughts. Personally, I do not wish to avoid challenges brought on by life. Rather I wish to breathe into the pain, into my sorrow, my longing.

Gazing deep within oneself is never easy. And it is not meant to be. We rarely can choose how our inner processes change, and how they transform us.

Each of us face these challenges in our own way, following our own rhythm and using our personal set of life-tools. Working anywhere else than on just the surface level.

Freeing oneself from destructive habits brought on by e.g. trauma is life-supporting.

A path towards internal freedom can be found. That journey however doesn’t necessarily happen in the rhythm or within the timetable one would wish.

At the end of the day, we often cannot affect what happens to ourselves or to our loved ones, and to our loved animal friends.

Facing painful and destructive sides of life is inevitable.

How can we retain our trust during the different phases of our lives, and maintain our trust into how life upholds our continuity as human beings?

We cannot influence what has happened. We can only influence what will happen in moments to come.

During the summer and beginning of fall 2021 I asked people for the thoughts, emotions and aspects, which have helped them in life. I asked for colors that might be connected with these emotions and thoughts.

I also asked people what they were afraid of, and what color (or perhaps colorlessness or transparency) that fear might possess.

And I asked about details found in nature and about a broad variety of subjects, that were felt to have meaning and significance on a personal level.

The paintings in my exhibition “Weave of Life” are based on what I was told by these participants, and also on my own thoughts and experiences.

During the most intense phase of the pandemic, I was studying art therapy. These studies and the therapeutic process connected with them influenced how my paintings evolved and turned out.

I wish happiness into your lives, and strength in facing painful life-challenges or fears.

Kati Riikonen