Leopoldo Martins

“As an expression of the soul, or perhaps as an extension of it, the act of sculpting flows naturally from the hands of Leopoldo Martins by means of lines, light and shadow.


A restive young man and a shrewd observer, he seeks incessantly to quench his visual appetite for good design, for beauty, for good form. This visual appetite transforms itself into power, sensuality, the thrill of the hunt, and finds its personification in his artworks.


Leopoldo Martins’s sculpture is sincere and rooted in the depths of desire. However, it extrapolates common sense, uses and exploits the shapes of untamed existence in its rawest state: breath held in abeyance, a silent roar, sinewy muscles ready to lunge. Hunger ready to be satisfied.


Modern work, unique. Born from powerful, transforming hands. Hands that are the tools of the restive, renovating, transmogrifying soul of Leopoldo Martins…”


Celeno Ivanovo