Italian artist Loredana (b. 1958) has a long career as a multimedia artist: performer, sculptor, painter, photographer, designer and a fervent lover of new technologies. She is constantly searching for concepts that fascinate her and researching the best way of how to incorporate her multi-faceted love of materials into the art that she produces.


Having studied art in Blocherer Schule in 1976 in Germany, she was invited to the John Cage International Festival from 1979 to 1983, where she used to work in collaboration with artists such as Padelt Noidlt, The Da Capo Group and Stephany Muehle. She designed costumes, staging and did special effects for the performances.


In 1982, as a performer, she created a two woman show with the late German stage actress Stephany Muehle and her one woman show in Paris. She also worked some special projects with the Hong Kong Modern Dance Theatre from 1982 to 1984. Loredana continued her one woman performances show until 1989 when she was invited to perform at the Ahrus Festival in Denmark.


Some years after, she moved to the United States and attended the Otis Parsons Art Institute of New York. In 1996 she went to Los Angeles and attended the same Otis Parsons Art Institute of California. In LA she maintained a studio at the Santa Monica Fine Arts Studios where she used to exhibit regularly until the year 2000. There she dedicated herself to the creation of sculptures, paintings, video performances and different expressions of Arts. Loredana artworks are part of important collections in California and some important collections in Europe.