Marcelo Solá

Marcelo Solá was born in Goiânia, Brazil in 1971

“The territory of Solá’s work is an expanded drawing beyond its habitual semantic coordinates. It´s origin and destine. With an invasion of size, scale, support and space, calligraphy becoming drawing and vice-versa, he interchanges the graphic signs and free space where it is made, often a huge piece of paper (almost like a poster) and in a state of installation.

All his profuse activity usually transpires on all sides a personal and contextual questioning, since that, like in a seismography that at the same time is invasive and malleable, mutant and metaphorical, it dialogues with gaps, empty spaces and rough, dirty, scratched representations (with a hint of street graffiti ), freely and almost chaotically connected , as if there was a heteronomy between reality and origins, contracting into the aesthetical questioning of a journal, a stained biography, invaded by that which it registers. His Caderno de Viagem, Nova York (Traveling notebook, New York) (2007), for instance, lives from this open, multiple, polyphonic tension. His large-size drawings (always allied to several techniques), also present her, keep the same biographical trend.”


Adolfo Montejo Navas