Mathilde Thiennot

“Mathilde Thiennot seeks at all times to let herself be crossed by telluric energy and through her work to entrust us with the traces of this passage. Her work is a commitment and an invitation to experience the living in all its forms and to witness it.


For us human beings, it is about not failing in this double mission which is ours, it is about not becoming inert!


The deep energies available to the Earth and that we carry within us are there to remind us of this, and Mathilde Thiennot, through her work, tirelessly guarantees this reminder.


Gathering urban and wild experiences, from pedestrian to climbing, and multiplying creative gears, the artist invents over the course of her artwork a new nomenclature, giving each of her pieces a Latin name as to so many hybrid plants, from as much humus as concrete.”


Juliette Ulrich