Roland Schmitz

Roland Schmitz  was born in 1972.

He is a young German sculptor who plays with the contemporary expectations of his generation, always creating something with innovation.

He also develops different new materials from his researched and eclectic personal universe.

His passion as an artist is the classical static object itself, which is the most primal form of sculpture.

He gives lightness to these objects, even if they are cast in heavy solid metal. Creating a sense of weightlessness, he regards it as a sculptural challenge. Through selective modifications he loads up everyday items with completely new and beautiful meaning.

Allusions in several of his “titles” force viewers to experience each object in ways previously unexpected.



Main Education



Masterclass, River Clyde, Glasgow School of Art, Schottland, UK



Masterclass, Migration, Metápolis, Inst. de Architectura Avanzada, Barcelona, Spain



Architecture Diploma, Peter-Behrens-School of Architecture, Düsseldorf, Germany



Steel sculptures studies, Werkstatthaus Stuttgart, Germany



Apprenticeship as cabinetmaker, Fellbach, Germany


Main Exhibitions



REMEMBRANCE, Galerie Anja Knoess, Cologne, Germany


TheRhinePrize, Sculpturepark, Bonn Bad-Godesberg, Germany



aestival 06, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery at Cloître des Billettes Cultural Center, Paris, France

reFORM,  Württembergisches Landesmuseum, Altes Schloss, Stuttgart, Germany

Permanent Collection, Museum am Dom, Würzburg, Germany



European Artists in China, Sculpture Art Museum, Qingdao, China

MACHT KUNST, Foyer Unter den Linden, Deutsche Bank, Berlin, Germany



Sculptue park, Duin & Kruidberg Estate, Santpoort, Holland

All In/2, Galerie Ampersand, Cologne, Germany



Roland Schmitz, Galerie Ricardo Fernandes, Paris, France

Garage Sale Out, Teapot, Cologne, Germany



Du temps libre pour l’art, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, Paris, France

SCRIPTORUM…, Galerie Goltz and der Philarmonie, Essen, Germany

Mets la gomme!, Kunstraum Ampersand, Cologne, Germany

Trésors contemporains, Galerie Ricardo Fernandes, Paris, France



SATT, Rheinlandhalle, Kunstverein artrmx e.V., Cologne, Germany

Sculptures, Goltz & Noelte Art Space, Essen, Germany

Cologne Art Fair, Germany

Un jour très ordinaire, Ampersand Art Space, Cologne, Germany



Sonderschau Junge Kunst, DEUBAU 2010, Messe Essen, Germany



Utopia Now!, Contain Gallery, Cologne, Germany

Hug me, Heimlich, Museums Night, Cologne, Germany

The Cologne Concept, KISD, Rhineland Hall, Cologne, Germany



Wuppertal Nord, artist-room, Art-Fabrik+Hotel, Wuppertal, Germany


Main Institutional and Private Collections


Museum am Dom, Würzburg, Germany

Qvest, Cologne, Germany

Trade Fair Essen, Germany

Kreissparkasse Essen, Germany

Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, France