Sylvia Morgado

“Sylvia Morgado is a contemporary artist who works with the intersection between the visual world and words. Based on the audience’s interaction with the works and also, with themselves, Morgado’s artworks connect with the public and their experiences with art. She invites the viewer to slow down and find joy in the small things that we don’t usually perceive, challenging ourselves to stop and contemplate the world.


Her show is an outcome of wider research that the artist has been doing on writing and visual art. It brings together the experiences of imaginary landscapes, memories, fiction, interpretation and archive – very present in Morgado’s work – through writing, drawing, painting and other media.


Together, the artworks deliver a sensitive experience of looking, which transit between materiality and the subjectivity of the observer who contemplates it. This exhibition provokes the viewer to think of overcoming the limits of the concrete world and penetrate into the imaginary one.”


Clara Rocha