Adélio Sarro

Adélio Sarro was born in 1950 in Andradina, São Paulo State, Brazil.

Raised in an agricultural family, he was confronted to the extreme precariousness of a farmer’s life. The financial stress forced his family into a series of decisions that profoundly affected Adélio’s life and personal formation.

Despite all the difficulties, he became an illustrator for the advertising poster business in São Paulo.


In 1972, he discovered the paintings of Brazilian traditional artist Candido Portinari during a visit to his home in Brodowski, in Brazil.

This encounter was the trigger that launched Adélio Sarro into the artistic world.

Adélio Sarro paintings are widely beloved in Brazil and throughout the international collectors’ community. 

Today, his paintings and sculptures are part of the most important museum collections of the world.


Check out the artist interview (in Brazilian Portuguese):