Antonio Temporão

Artist: Antonio Temporao (1937 – 2011)


About the series: Agressiveness and Tenderness

“If we look at our contemporary life, it is like a river that runs and takes up spaces …”
Antonio Temporão, 2011


The present life in the great metropolis treats the man aggressively and transforms everything into a unique grey material that affects us all. It makes us realize that in the composition of this path human being lives his great conflict, threatened by the “stone jungles”, cities that grow and grow, without immediate solutions.

Urban man is frightened by the unknown.

Does life offer us an antidote against urban aggression, this mirror of fears that hurt us relentlessly, leaving us without knowing how to deal with the stains, the pains and sufferings of contemporary life? Where comes this aggression from? Why have we forgotten tenderness with no longer freedom to embrace what is eternal?
Antonio Temporao series Aggression and Tenderness shows the trap that leaves us almost dead-end at the tips of barbed wire, blood-red-suffering, running in the streets of these hard times.
Not only questions but also answers, these photo-metaphors show us the softness of the natural fabrics, which symbolically, in softness and sweetness, invite us to live a lighter life. Embedded in the blood-red-life, these natural tissues insist on confirming to us that beyond pain, there is life, both represented by the same tone.
Generating ambiguous feelings and bathed in red incarnations, the series shows us the power of change through consciousness and urban ethics, great antidotes to a transformation.
Antonio Temporao (1937- 2011) was always a master of thought and expression.

His series presents a perfect metaphor, showing that we can still change humans through the consciousness and beauty of the blood-red-life, which runs in our veins and hits hard in our Hearts.

Ricardo Fernandes, 2011


Digital world is a new world to me, and because of this, it is different, sometimes it enchants me and sometimes it scares me, as much for the speed as for the beauty, because the creation process is immediate.
I can transfer full-time thinking, just by using the tools that the programs provide me with. But before that there is a deep study and a lot of previous experimentation I do.

Take the series “Aggressiveness & Tenderness” for instance – I created those photos with digital insertion. Thinking metaphorically I explored feelings of aggressiveness and tenderness using barbed wire and fabric, I photographed and then I complemented it by digital colors.

This is a complete new world to me!

Antonio Temporao, 2011


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Brazil – Spain Cultural Center, Curitiba, Brazil

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Inter-Americano Gallery, Curitiba, Brazil

Ministry of Culture from Paraná State, Curitiba, Brazil

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Museo de la Fundación Rómulo Raggio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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