Lucia Adverse

Lucia Adverse was born in Brazil in 1967.


“Passionate for art, Lucia Adverse is devoted to the practice of photography, researching on new techniques and living immersed in a magical world of images and representation.

She is focused on contemporary photography of architecture using light and shadows to express her points of view. She also explores new technologies presenting videos and video installations for her exhibitions in Museums and Art institutions.

Lucia Adverse enables us to see within the image by decrypting the existing of communication between light, shadow and thinking.”



“In her expressionist, eclipsing black and white lights she fully restores, completely and in a vibrant manner, all her aura.” (Pascale Lismonde)

When photography is limited to objects placed in front of the camera to be reported, it is a technique. When the darkroom changes to alchemical crucible where images of reality merge into the inner world of the photographer, it becomes an art. This is exactly the dimension where Lucia Adverse projects the most humble objects of her environment. Her eyes know how to capture a shadow, a monochrome strip or a metal rod, to write a poem, to compose a musical suite, to draw a landscape … If I allow myself to define the relation the artist establishes with her camera, I would say she transforms her camera objective into the subjective. (Marc Soleranski)



This video was presented during the photographer solo show at MIP BH Museum in Brazil (all rigths reserved):



Photography, Pan-American School of Art and Design / Sao Paulo, Brazil /  Graduation: 2007

Interior Design, Pan-American School of Art and Design / Sao Paulo, Brazil /  Graduation: 1998


Main Solo Exhibitions


January 2016

Lucia Adverse Solo Show at Photo LA

Los Angeles, USA


March 2014

Der Sturm

Inimá de Paula Museum (MIP)

Belo Horizonte, Brazil


May 2013

Les Curbes de l’Univers (The curves of the Universe)

Centre Culturel Cloître des Billettes

Paris, France


December 2012

Lucia Adverse invited at Maison Blanche

Avenue Montagne

Paris, France


May 2011

Entre Luz e Fusco (Between Ligtht and Shadow)

Galerie Ricardo Fernandes

Paris, France


Main Collective Exhibitions


July August 2016

Aestival – Centre Culturel Cloître des Billettes

Paris, France


October 2014

La Usina del Arte, Centre Culturel Cloître des Billettes

Paris, France


July – October 2014

Les couleurs du Brésil – Johnson & Johnson

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France


October 2013

Catalogue Launching Ceremony, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery

Paris, France


November 2012

Shanghai International Art Fair 2012

Shanghai, China


October 2012

Art Canton Contemporary Art Fair 2012

Guangzhou, China


October 2012

CONTEMPORARY TREASURE, Galerie Ricardo Fernandes

Paris, France


September 2012

Casa Conforto of Tiradentes

Tiradentes, Brazil


September 2012

Game of Arts – Château Bouffémont

Bouffémont, France


August  2012


Galerie Ricardo Fernandes, Paris, France


June 2012

Parizone@Dream Festival at Gaîté Lyrique of Paris

Paris, France


April 2012

PRINTEMPS D’ART – Galerie Ricardo Fernandes

Paris, France


December 2011

Happy Art Collective Exhibition – Galerie Ricardo Fernandes

Paris, France


October 2011


Guangzhou, China


Sept. – Nov. 2011

Collective-collectible, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery

Paris, France


September 2011

Click Now! Photography Exhibition

Paris, France


July, August 2011

De A a Z – Contemporary Exhibition

Paris, France


February 2011

II Mostra Mineira de Fotografia (II Minas Gerais State Photography Exhibition) IPHAN (National Institute for The Historical and Artistic Heritage)

Tiradentes, Brazil


June, 2010

26th Biennial of B&W Photography, Gerd Borhein Gallery

Caxias do Sul, Brazil


Main Museums, Institutions and Galleries that possess the artist’s works


  • Bibliothèque Kandinsky – Centre George Pompidou, Paris, France
  • Bibliothèque Nationale de France BNF, Contemporary Photography Collection, Paris, France
  • Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) Paris, France
  • Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, Paris, France


Main Private Collections that possess the artist’s works

  • C. and G. Baudin, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • and Mr. Gaucher, Paris, France
  • Henry Chapier Collection (MEP), Paris, France
  • Kerry Morse, Los Angeles, USA
  • Luciana and Carlos Eduardo Diniz Couto, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Marluce Arruda Collection, Paris, France
  • Mauro Junior, Inimá de Paula Museum (MIP), Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Nalva and Frank Honjo Collection, Curitiba, Brazil
  • Sami Korhonen & Ricardo Fernandes Collection, Paris, France
  • Silvana and Geraldo Camargo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Thierry Renaudin (Centre Culturel Cloître des Billettes and Maison de Victor Hugo), Paris, France