Mauro Mejiaz

“Surrealist Inspirations based on the subconscious and from his own beliefs on cosmic creation, Mauro Mejiaz (1930-2000) paintings are a science-fiction world of fantastic colors.

His oil on canvas paintings, provide a superb example of why Mejiaz is considered one of the premier Venezuelan colorists in Latin American history.

The paintings of Venezuelan artist and teacher, Mauro Mejiaz (1930-2000) capture the essence of his surrealist influences. Major critics and historians, such as Pierre Restany and Alain Bosquet, have credited him as one of the most influential artist in Latin American Art’s History.

Encouraged by Braulio Salazar, Mejiaz enrolled at the Fine Arts School in Valencia, Venezuela and graduated in 4 years instead of the typical 5. In 1952, he put on his first solo show at Hotel Carabobo and participated at the Caracas Fine Arts School’s ‘XIII Salón Oficial Anual de Arte Venezolano’ exhibition. That same year he was awarded the Prize of Painting and Sculpture of the Lion’s Club in the X Salón Arturo Michelena in the Ateneo, Valencia. After his second solo show at the Ateneo, Valencia, Mejiaz won Valencia’s ”Herrera Toro“ award for his painting, ‘Transmutación’. Equal to his passion for painting was his love of teaching, Mejiaz served as the director-founder at fine arts schools in Barinas, Venezuela and Barcelona, Venezuela. Since the 1950s, Mejiaz’s work has been seen throughout the world and is included in many public collections, including, Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid, Spain; Museum of Modern Art in Paris, France; and Galería de Arte Nacional, Caracas, Venezuela.

Mejiaz and his works have remained relevant even after his passing in 2000. He was the subject of a 2004 retrospective, ‘Ceremonia Imaginaria’ in the Sala de Exposición Centro Cultural Eladio Alemán Sucre in Valencia, Venezuela.