Sami Korhonen

Sami Korhonen was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1977.

From his early childhood he was already drawing objects, pets and costumes for imaginary characters, he reproduced everything seemed real in his child’s world. It was in fact when he won his first album to color that he became interested in drawing. But, as he had no colored pencils, he drew his first Snow White in black pencil.

Since then he began to draw and color with whatever came to his hand, created makeup, varnished nails, drew jewelry and gave life to fantasy character carefully preserved by his mother until today.

As a teenager he began to creat unusual pieces for her friends, using all kinds of materials and leaving aside the world of reality and tendentiousness to dive into the imagination when creating costumes to his characters.

After attending the Helsinki Polytechnic in Finland, he studied at Anhembi Morumbi São Paulo and the FUMEC Belo Horizonte in Brazil, and is specialized in fashion design trying to reach a line of creation based on freedom of expression, research on new materials and tools, while still using a very precise technique, based on mathematics to realize his creations.

Sami has never created a way to dress, but clothes to dream. It is through this concept and through his experience on costume design that he created costumes for many theatre and film projects in Europe.

Last year, invited by Brazilian curator Ricardo Fernandes, to participate in an exhibition inspired by the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and Brigitte Bardot influence on several generations of young girls, Sami presented in Sao Paulo a project entitled BB Collection, which was not a simple replica of the time, but a contemporary theatrical reading of the fashion of that time.

In his new “Passion Marginale” Project, Sami Korhonen presents his research on a female character that walks on the banks of the river Seine, creating a climax in which, always with a lot of elegance, she depicts heroic actions, often violent that tell us about her life, her story, her relationship with love and her way of living intensively her “Passion Marginale”.







Fashion Design
FUMEC University Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2006

Clothing and Fashion
Helsinki Polytechnic (Stadia) Finland 2003

International Business
Helsinki Business Polytechnic (Helia) Finland 2002

Fashion School
Anhembi Morumbi University São Paulo, Brazil 1998

Diploma in Theatre
Lahti College of Theatre Lahti, Finland 1997

Matriculation examination
Mäkelänrinne High School Helsinki, Finland 1996





aestival 07, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery at Cloître des Billettes Cultural Center, Paris, France



aestival 06, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery at Cloître des Billettes Cultural Center, Paris, France



Brigitte Bardot Dans l’Intimite Exhibition Sao Paulo, Brazil
Costumes Exhibition

Ballade de la Soupe Populaire by Emilia Pöyhönen Paris, France
Costumes for Theater



Speculum Short film by Kira Poutanen Paris, France
Costumes, Direction

Solitudo Short film by Kira Poutanen Paris, France
Costumes, Direction

Ca Foxtrotte dans la Botte de Mamie by Sirkku Peltola Paris, France
Costumes for Theater



Purge by Sofi Oksanen Paris, France
Costumes for Theatre



Sami Korhonen Fashion show SS13 Paris, France
Individual catwalk show

Sami Korhonen Fashion show at Zafferano London, England
Macmillan charity event

Façonner event at the Playboy Club London London, England
Participation in a collective fashion show



Riikka Timonen Paris, France
Perfoming costumes for a singer



Ou Commence le Ciel by Albert Einstain Paris, France
Costumes for theater

Nainen Paris, France
Individual exhibition

Gibier d’élevage by Kenzaburo Oé Paris, France 2009
Costumes for theater



Basics Paris, France
Individual fashion art exhibition

Finnish Catwalk Helsinki, Finland
Collection presentation

AIA Helsinki, Finland
Costumes for a vocal ensemble



Autoportrait by Edouard Levé Paris, France
Costumes for theater

Déguisé en Homme by Leena Krohn Paris, France
Costumes for theater



Beleza da Arte Escondida Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Individual catwalk show including video installation



Cahvia Kiitos! Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Individual show including video installation, dance



Model Of The Year 2004 Helsinki, Finland
12 looks as part of a collective fashion show



Bossa Nova Helsinki, Finland
Individual catwalk show as part of the Helsinki Fashion Week 2003


Awards and Grants


Alfred Kordelin Foundation Grant for artistic project