Contemporary Art

Eduardo Fonseca: Le sens des choses

The Universe as our origin is the void, the invisible where only energies circulate and communicate with each other, prior to the formation of matter. As human beings, we try to interpret through words everything we see. We seek to understand all that is included to the realization of our […]

Lucia Adverse: Natureza Viva

Researchs by artist Lucia Adverse has always been unsettling and restless. From a personal point of view, a quest has always been at the core of each of her photographic and artistic projects, a constant demand for new information, a captivating curiosity and a natural will to evolve, which makes […]

Curator’s Choice

Ana Luiza Rodrigues, André Mendes, Eduardo Fonseca, José Diniz, Juan Esteves, Leopoldo Martins, Lucia Adverse, Lula Ricardi, Sami Korhonen, Sylvia Morgado.   The exhibition Curator’s Choice is a continuous reflection on art, based on artworks of our greatest interest. It is a pause to showcase our gallery collection and amazing […]


Ana Luiza Rodrigues, Andrea Rocha, Sylvia Morgado, Tetê de Alencar Click to read more about the show

Mathilde Thiennot: Chaos Naturel

From August 6 to September 27, 2021 For Mathilde Thiennot first solo show in Paris, we are proud to present her project entitled Chaos Naturel, a deep study that brings her to the core of nature and metropole, studying different materials like charcoal, ink, cement, cork, paper… “Gathering urban and […]

Juan Esteves: Essential Quotes to Live

From June 3 to August 2, 2021 For his first solo show in Paris, Juan Esteves has developed contemporary artworks from extracts from books, phrases published in interviews of great thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Edgar Morin, Simone de Beauvoir, Elizabeth Badinter, Hannah Arendt, Umberto Eco, Renato Janine Ribeiro and […]

Brazil and Photography

The maps that the Europeans began to draw from the sixteenth century, artistically represented the distant lands then explored. They sought to trace the different regions based on their most striking attributes: the products that were discovered there. Some members of the expeditions were present only to draw, give a […]

Passion Marginale

Sami Korhonen Individual Exhibition March 6 to May 31, 2021 Sami Korhonen was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1977. From his early childhood he was already drawing objects, pets and costumes for imaginary characters, he reproduced everything seemed real in his child’s world. It was in fact when he won […]

Preto Absoluto

Lita Cerqueira Lita Cerqueira’s photographs are a result of sensitivity of a gaze. Wrought in the anguish and acuteness of repressed people, but proud and patient ones, with the magical dimensions of this civilization that is in progress, a fourth dimension in the life of inspired nations such as Brazil. […]

La rue – Eduardo Fonseca

The street is a faithful portrait of our reality, first individual, then in society. In the street we meet the best (and the worst) opportunities to express ourselves and to be ourselves, influencers, perceived by others as individuals and therefore as generators of coexistence. Check out more about Eduardo Fonseca […]