Contemporary Art

OKOTO – J’existe!

Artist: Antonio Sergio Moreira Curator / Scenography: Ricardo Fernandes September 2 – November 6 Join us for a journey through four decades of artistic excellence as Antonio Sergio Moreira reviews his remarkable career. Discover a curated selection of masterpieces alongside exclusive new works. Explore the full collection and learn more […]

Still I Speak

Artist: Juliana Sícoli Curator: Ioana Mello Scenography: Ioana Mello, Juliana Sícoli, Ricardo Fernandes June 24 – August 28 Taking photography as the basis of her creation in art, Juliana Sícoli uses a variety of media to make her point and to establish between her research and her art practice a […]

Le voyage imaginaire

Ale Ruaro Camila Rodríguez Triana Jocelyne Clémente Mathilde Thiennot Sami Korhonen April 15 – June 19   Contemporary artists often use imaginary journeys as a means of creative experimentation and expression. By applying free thinking process, they can explore the boundaries of reality and the limits of their own imagination. […]

Projet pour un monde

The questionable Aristotelian idea that humans are rational animals can easily bring us to a different conclusion thinking that the only breakthrough we have achieved until today was to bring science to a high technological level of exclusive dedication to war and discord. Therefore, if we take our present time […]

Chaos Versus Order

Chaos Versus Order is the new exhibition from January 21st to February 21st at our Parisian space, showcasing a selection of relevant art pieces by artists Ana Luiza Rodrigues, Mathilde Thiennot, Romy Pocztaruk and Sérgio Bello. All artworks presented at the show make us think about past, present and future […]

Lita Cerqueira at Inhotim Museum, Brazil

Quilombo: Life, Problems and Aspirations of Black People Inhotim Museum – Lago Gallery Brumadinho, Brazil From November 19, 2022 to July 16, 2023   The exhibition has as its starting point the newspaper Quilombo: Life, Problems and Aspirations of the Black People, edited by Teatro Experimental do Negro (TEN) Black […]


Klaxon-Mania: Centenary of the São Paulo Modern Art Week 1922 – Paris 2022 presents a selection of contemporary Brazilian artists and their historical influences, in a reflection that starts from the Modern Art Week of São Paulo, 1922. The exhibition also reveals a cross-looking at French culture – one one […]

José Diniz: Bois Brésil

The exhibition Bois Brésill brings together around twenty works by the Brazilian artist José Diniz. Among photographs, videos, monotypes, installations and handmade books, the artist rescues the history of the founding tree of Brazil – curiously little known for having been extirpated from the Atlantic Forest between the 16th and […]

Dans la forêt (In the Woods)

During the last millennium and thanks to their intelligence, Homo sapiens became sovereign on planet Earth. Nevertheless, they have exceeded the limits of their creations and technology, generating environmental crises which, adding to each other, contribute decisively to the end of all species. It is because we have ceased to […]