Art as Part of My Life For as Far Back as I Can Remember, Kati Riikonen, 2017

Interview with Kati Riikonen, Helsinki, 2017 1) What are the influences of being an art teacher to your career as a contemporary artist? I believe that teaching fine arts has affected my own learning processes and artistic work. Innumerable times it has happened so that in a dialogical teaching situation […]

Hokusai (1760 – 1849)

The last feudal Japanese military government which existed between 1603 and 1868 during the known Edo Period, emerged Japanese Art in an obligatory and international recognition of its Art Masters. One of the main names from the end of this same period was Hokusai. It was a time of political […]

Art Collection at Its Best Chez Jorma Uotinen

Back in 2007 I was happy to visit Jorma Uotinen’s home, formal dancer and choreographer of Finnish National Ballet for many years. I was amazed to find out his great love for modern and contemporary art and wanted to show you his apartment once again. It is amazing to me how […]

Paul Mccarthy… Strange Feelings

Those strange feelings generated by Paul McCarthy solo exhibition at Monnaie de Paris last evening… I spontaneously tried to dialogue with one of the performers and finally noticed it was a performance. Maybe I got into the exhibition and wasn’t really ready for it. It was all kind of a nightmare. I […]

Niki, the Art Killer

“Nana Power”!* *(Nana = girl, in French slang). Sometimes we tend to resume the universe of certain artists into only some popular imagery. A bit of a pre-judgement, a bit of thinking it is always the same… but after seeing her exhibition at “Le Grand Palais”, Niki really got me. […]

Marcel Challenges Jeff

Thank you Pompidou! You did it again! Excellent idea of presenting two different artists, from different eras and so much to think about it. I was invited to see Marcel Duchamp and Jeff Koons exhibition, happening at the same time but in two different exhibitions at the art centre in Paris. […]