Art as Part of My Life For as Far Back as I Can Remember, Kati Riikonen, 2017

Interview with Kati Riikonen, Helsinki, 2017 1) What are the influences of being an art teacher to your career as a contemporary artist? I believe that teaching fine arts has affected my own learning processes and artistic work. Innumerable times it has happened so that in a dialogical teaching situation […]

From Heaven to Hell, David Lachapelle

The baroque vision of David Lachapelle gives me the impression of a déjà-vu. I’ve been there, I’ve done that… It’s like feeling and reviewing sensations that are very known by me and my body, leading me to a known, but always mysterious world of life and death, ¨heaven to hell¨. Suddenly […]

Art Collection at Its Best Chez Jorma Uotinen

Back in 2007 I was happy to visit Jorma Uotinen’s home, formal dancer and choreographer of Finnish National Ballet for many years. I was amazed to find out his great love for modern and contemporary art and wanted to show you his apartment once again. It is amazing to me how […]

James Bidgood, New York Art Icon 60’s, 70’s… Today!

James Bidgood (born 1933) lives and still works in New York, where he arrived in 1951 and never left. I wanted to see what makes him the unknown “father of the pulp and glamour aesthetic”, even if he is not widely known, not having achieved the recognition he really deserves. I […]

Visiting the Renewed Picasso Museum in Paris!

It was great to visit the renewed Picasso Museum of Paris this last week on a VIP tour guided by its new director, Mr. Laurent le Bon, organized by A.I.C.A. France. As soon as we get inside the Museum we find a beautiful ensemble of 12 portraits from Picasso by David […]

Picasso and its new Museum

Paul Mccarthy… Strange Feelings

Those strange feelings generated by Paul McCarthy solo exhibition at Monnaie de Paris last evening… I spontaneously tried to dialogue with one of the performers and finally noticed it was a performance. Maybe I got into the exhibition and wasn’t really ready for it. It was all kind of a nightmare. I […]

Niki, the Art Killer

“Nana Power”!* *(Nana = girl, in French slang). Sometimes we tend to resume the universe of certain artists into only some popular imagery. A bit of a pre-judgement, a bit of thinking it is always the same… but after seeing her exhibition at “Le Grand Palais”, Niki really got me. […]

Marcel Challenges Jeff

Thank you Pompidou! You did it again! Excellent idea of presenting two different artists, from different eras and so much to think about it. I was invited to see Marcel Duchamp and Jeff Koons exhibition, happening at the same time but in two different exhibitions at the art centre in Paris. […]