Chaos Versus Order

Chaos Versus Order is the new exhibition from January 21st to February 21st at our Parisian space, showcasing a selection of relevant art pieces by artists Ana Luiza Rodrigues, Mathilde Thiennot, Romy Pocztaruk and Sérgio Bello.

All artworks presented at the show make us think about past, present and future from an echo-logical point of view. They create a moment for us to stop and relate them to ancient theories that discuss the Universe as being inherently chaotic and unpredictable, tending to naturally become ordered. Chaos theory is about finding order in all natural elements.

Does it mean that we as humans have a chance of finding order within the chaos that we have created ourselves?

By observing each artwork of this show, we can immediately relate them to the artists’ cry for balance, calling out for the short time left. Using creativity to make us think viable solutions to our mistakes, the art pieces presented propose conceptual reflections of our last chances to save the planet before it is too late. – Ricardo Fernandes 

“My artwork exhibited in ‘Chaos Versus Order’ denotes the perfect balance outside the formal structure and confronts beauty, fetish, and everyday life, which overlaps the problem with wildlife and freedom.

It is an aesthetic appreciation of life and death, concreted by the past, present, and future far from the order and hopes beyond the calamities against the environment.

The investigation between the real and the surreal plays with the primary function and denies their essential beauty while allowing them to retain their emotional power interlaced through a peculiar respect that reveals a shout towards the conservation of Earth.”

– Ana Luiza Rodrigues









La Déliquescence de

La Quintessence








– Mathilde Thiennot