Curator’s Choice

Ana Luiza Rodrigues, André Mendes, Eduardo Fonseca, José Diniz, Juan Esteves, Leopoldo Martins, Lucia Adverse, Lula Ricardi, Sami Korhonen, Sylvia Morgado.


The exhibition Curator’s Choice is a continuous reflection on art, based on artworks of our greatest interest. It is a pause to showcase our gallery collection and amazing artworks from artists that have collaborated with us throughout the years, their expression and our dialog having art as language.

Throughout the show we propose a constant rotation of artworks, presenting incredible surprises and powerful art pieces, which change on a weekly basis.

Thinking is a constant process of development and art may be used as a tool for discussions, pushing for going deeper into subjects, being able to explore and have personal experiences with new concepts. Therefore, art is very important from a social point of view because when an artwork is placed in a strategic location, it may generate important personal experiences.  

Throughout the years we have collaborated with amazing artists, selecting, acquiring and promoting their great works of art. Our collection reflects this in a dynamic way via the use of different materials, techniques and media like photography, collage, sculpture in different formats and shapes, painting and their many influences and nuances, installations revealing powerful concepts and so much more. This is exactly what we want to showcase during the Curator’s Choice exhibition with the objective of sharing with our visitors and art collectors some interesting pieces to be noticed and acquired.

Far from simply exploring the aesthetic side of the objects created by our artists, we invite you to bring home some effective instruments of thought and give yourself the pleasure of exploring the world of art collecting, guided by our accurate selection.  

Marianne VII, from the series Passion Marginale, Sami Korhonen, 2016, photo, collage, painting on canvas, 100 cm x 150 cm (39.3 in x 59 in).

The Gallery

Ricardo Fernandes Gallery opens the doors of the international Contemporary Art market to talented artists. It is a continuation of a work of more than twentyfive years which began with the inauguration of a first gallery in Brazil and gave birth to an international career during which Ricardo Fernandes was actively involved. attached to the promotion of its artists.

The gallery is part of a movement of Parisian contemporary art galleries, extremely dynamic and resolutely cosmopolitan, which assert with each exhibition their international and artistic values. The gallery offers contemporary art exhibitions related to the most diverse media (painting, sculpture, photography, installations …) and opens up to a wide variety of contemporary artistic expressions.

Through its constant support for international artists and its involvement in the development of a rapidly expanding international market, Ricardo Fernandes gallery participates in the diverse and cultural art interactions of the city of Paris.

Photos: Exposition individuelle Amilcar de Castro, Paris, 2015, commissaire Ricardo Fernandes, photos SK

General Information

Curator’s Choice

Ana Luiza Rodrigues, André Mendes, Juan Esteves, Lucia Adverse, Sami Korhonen, Sylvia Morgado… selection and presentations on going throughout the show.

Collective exhibition with a constante, rotative selection of contemporary artworks
and artists.

Ricardo Fernandes

Ricardo Fernandes

January 22, 2022 (from 2pm to 6pm)

From January 22 to March 28, 2022

Ricardo Fernandes
Marché Dauphine (galerie 95)

132 140 rue des Rosiers

93400 Saint Ouen


Metro : M4 (Porte de Clignancourt station), M13 (Garibaldi station), et M14 (Mairie de Saint Ouen station)
Bus : 85 (Marché aux Puces station)

Parking : 142 rue des Rosiers 93400 Saint Ouen


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