Dans la forêt (In the Woods)

During the last millennium and thanks to their intelligence, Homo sapiens became sovereign on planet Earth. Nevertheless, they have exceeded the limits of their creations and technology, generating environmental crises which, adding to each other, contribute decisively to the end of all species.

It is because we have ceased to believe that human beings do indeed contribute to sustainable development and to recognize that we are the predators of ourselves, that we have organized this collective exhibition using art as an effective and realistic alert.

In the Woods is an exhibition aimed to give us a sense of belonging – making us feel part of the forest and aware of its power from a human point of view. It is a way of making us comprehend that we are a living part of the ecosystem.

It is by understanding plants, animals, and other beings and becoming aware of the interdependence that exists between us and nature that we will truly achieve a level of eco-logical balance.

This collective show scheduled from July 23 to August 29, 2022, in our Parisian gallery, brings together six artists, from different generations and living in different parts of the world, all involved in this project and in the debate related to the proposed issue: Dedeia Rocha (Brazil), Jocelyne Clémente (France), Leopoldo Martins (Brazil), Lilian Bomeny (Brazil), Lívia Melzi (France)/Brazil), Mathilde Thiennot (France).

The paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and installations that we showcase testify to this equality and alert us to the need to preserve the forests of our planet. In this dialogue of equals, we put aside arrogance and adapt to a more conscious cycle of life.

Is art a way to alert us about our interdependence with nature?

Ricardo Fernandes, 2022

Musée de Rixheim, Lívia Melzi, 2016

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Photos: Amilcar de Castro first solo show in Paris, 2015, curator Ricardo Fernandes, photos SK

General Information

Dans la forêt (In the Woods)

Dedeia Rocha, Jocelyne Clémente, Leopoldo Martins, Lilian Bomeny, Lívia Melzi, Mathilde Thiennot

Summer collective exhibition proposing a reflection about the ecosystem and our relation to it. 

Ricardo Fernandes

Ricardo Fernandes

July 23, 2022 (from 2pm to 6pm)

From July 23 to August 29, 2022

Ricardo Fernandes
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