Eduardo Fonseca: Le sens des choses

The Universe as our origin is the void, the invisible where only energies circulate and communicate with each other, prior to the formation of matter. As human beings, we try to interpret through words everything we see. We seek to understand all that evolves the realization of our thoughts, insisting on having before our eyes, what convinces us of our own existence.

The question of what we see, transforming the space between our mind and matter into something fascinating, is at the core of artist Eduardo Fonseca’s new artistic research: objects, pieces, elements… things.


Would it make sense to think that everything we think materializes?


Defined as everything that has mass and occupies a place in space, materials give rise to what the artist calls “things”. According to Eduardo Fonseca, calling a material a “thing” is when we abstract ourselves from the concept of matter and place all objects that occupy a place in space as unified in their meaning and function so that we can return to the origins of our creation and finally understand that the real meaning of “us” existing is in the existence of “us” as an equal. Hence equality is something very evident when we observe the works exhibited in this project and we understand that the concept launched by the artist through this new set of artworks questions us about the equality of our existence as matter.


Ricardo Fernandes




A Natureza das Coisas (The Nature of Things), Eduardo Fonseca, 2021

The Sense of Things


“In fact, the word thing is present in everyone’s life exactly as it is treated in this new artwork of mine: many times, we don’t know what it is, what we feel, where, when, for what, and we end up naming it “thing”. This indefinite-definition of something ends up amplifying its meaning, when for each person it means some-thing different.”

Eduardo Fonseca, 2022

The Gallery


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Photos: Amilcar de Castro first solo show in Paris, 2015, curator Ricardo Fernandes, photos SK

General Information

Le sens des choses (The Sense of Things)

Eduardo Fonseca

Solo exhibition by artist Eduardo Fonseca

Ricardo Fernandes

Ricardo Fernandes, Eduardo Fonseca

May 12, 2022 (from 7pm to 10pm)

From May 12 to July 11, 2022

Ricardo Fernandes
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