Leopoldo Martins

Sleeping in the Forest

“‘is’ … to restore the sources

of the primitive being

that was entirely ludic

before enduring

the collision, the stab

of contemplating the world.”


Carlos Drummond de Andrade


The Insects project by Leopoldo Martins is the result of the artist’s meticulous and dedicated research and observation, as he has been contemplating our relationship with nature and the possibilities of an eco-systemic coexistence through art for several years.

It is with great pleasure that we present here a selection of the artist’s works that transcend time and lead us to dream of the movement of the forest, this playful and essential universe for our own existence.

Each of the works in this beautiful exhibition translates into technique and movement everything that is necessary for our human race to survive in harmony. Geometry, materials, lines, points. Insects – in particular, play a central role, representing biodiversity and the delicate web of life that sustains our planet.

The chosen materials, the meticulously drawn lines, and the points we perceive in Leopoldo Martins’ works serve as symbolic elements that transcend the simple aesthetic aspect. They are instruments that lead us to a deeper reflection on the need to preserve harmony between humanity and nature.

Thus, this exhibition is not just an aesthetic appreciation but an invitation to action and awareness. As we contemplate these works, we are prompted to reconsider our values, to ponder the consequences of our actions, and to seek a more balanced ecossystemic coexistence.

May Leopoldo Martins’ works serve as inspiration so that, much like in the poetry of Carlos Drummond de Andrade, we may restore the sources of the primitive self, recognizing the importance of a ludic and conscious approach in our relationship with the world we inhabit.


Ricardo Fernandes