Lucia Adverse: Natureza Viva

Researchs by artist Lucia Adverse has always been unsettling and restless. From a personal point of view, a quest has always been at the core of each of her photographic and artistic projects, a constant demand for new information, a captivating curiosity and a natural will to evolve, which makes her, unaware, embark on a heretofore unimaginable adventure. 

In her incessant process of reading and research, Adverse started a vast biographical collection on woman artists who have, since the eighteenth century, lived in an intense, engaging and strong way. She then decided that she would, in one way or another, pay homage to these women artists, transforming the principal characteristics of each one into artistic expressions found in nature and observed through her photographic vision.

Adverse started to map each one of these feminine biographies and identify them as plants, trees, forests, as if trying to capture human expressions from nature or unwittingly mix human life in processes that are somehow or other biochemically explainable.

Ode? Pure observation or just coincidental comparisons?

Camille, from the series Natureza Viva, Lucia Adverse, 2017

“I was born hardened, heroic, alone and standing. And I found my counterpoint in a landscape void of the picturesque and without beauty. Ugliness is my war banner. I love the ugly with a love on equal terms. And I challenge death. I – I am my own death. And nobody goes further. That which is barbarian in me seeks the barbarian and cruel outside of me. I see in light and shadow the faces of those that tremble to the flames of the bonfire. I am a tree that smolders in acute pleasure. Only one sweet thing possesses me: an intimacy with the world. I love my cross that I painfully bear. And the least that I can do with my life: accept pitifully the sacrifice of the night.”


Clarice Lispector, The Stream of Life, 1973

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Photos: Amilcar de Castro first solo show in Paris, 2015, curator Ricardo Fernandes, photos SK

General Information

Natureza Viva

Lucia Adverse

Solo exhibition by artist Lucia Adverse

Ricardo Fernandes

Ricardo Fernandes

October 21, 2022 (from 6pm to 9pm)

October 20 to 23, 2022

From 10am to 6pm

Espaço Raízes

Praça da Estação 10 (Maria Fumaça)



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