Claude Monet Home and Garden

all photos fernando grilli

Back in 2009, two years after arriving to France, I was invited by Brazilian Magazine Casa e Jardim, in English, “Home and Garden”, to write about the inspiring gardens, home and life of Claude Monet in France.

I decided to invite Argentinian photographer Fernando Grilli to join me at this adventure and we spent an entire year working, researching, photographing, visiting Monet’s residence in France, many times.

His home and gardens were his main inspirations for so many paintings and I wanted to understand his creative process. Now I invite you to check it and to understand it as well.

The article is written in Brazilian Portuguese, but it is worth to check it out for the beauty of the photos.

It is worth seeing and understanding all the reasons Monet could never leave his home and gardens.

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Jardins de Monet (in Brazilian Portuguese)


Revista Casa e Jardim, São Paulo, Brazil

Photographer Fernando Grilli, Paris, France

Claude Monet Foundation, Giverny, France