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Portrait Lita Cerqueira by Sami Korhonen 2012

Lita Cerqueira´s Photographs are the result of a sensitive glance wrought in the anxiety and the acuteness of people who are oppressed, but active and patient, with the magical dimension of this civilization in progress; the fourth dimension in the life of inspired nations as Brazil.


I know this confrontation between the desire of a tropical artist and the unpredictability of our capricious gods. As Lita, I am an artist, me too I am black and I am from Bahia, and I know that her photos are the miracle of a shady and attentive eye tended  by  the disinterested grace of the gods in trances.


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The Photograph as I am – Lita Cerqueira

Strongly pervaded by the culture of Bahia where she was born, Lita was still very young when she joined a theater troupe. As an actress she has worked with some of the greatest Brazilian filmmakers of her time; besides that she also worked with them as a photographer. However, it is the photography that seems to be the true vocation of Lita who became more famous for the magnificent photographic documentation of Brazilian Afro culture, what she developed over the years with a lot of tenacity and boldness.

In 1973, she began to take pictures of Bahiana women, street children, fishermen, Capoeira, popular commemorations and artcraft people. Handling the magic of black and white photography with great virtuosity, she also got a very sharp eye, always full of tenderness and allowed us to discover the essence of Afro-descendent Brazilian culture, capturing some very special moments of everyday life. In a single click, grabbing a gesture, a glance, she plunged into the soul of those ordinary people whose path she has crossed and given her photography as gift to their gestures, all their humanity and life poetry.

Feeling also easy with icons of Tropicalism and Brazilian Pop Music as Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Gil Gilberto, João Gilberto, Maria Bethania, Luis Melodia etc., she immortalized the highlights of their best concerts, captured their greatest performances, their emotions and surprised them in their intimacy, offering us a precious testimony of those immense artists’ lives,  which is also a piece of memory of Brazil.

She had already so many exhibitions, not only in Brazil, but in France, Italy and in the United States.

Her name and her works are well known beyond the borders of Brazil.

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