Lita Cerqueira

From November 15, 2020 to January 31, 2021 

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The Photography as I Am

Life resists, nature persists, beauty remains,

There is, on the part of Afro-Brazilian art, a feeling rooted in its own history, tradition, dream, obstinacy.

The same insistence that makes black Brazilians resist and survive the social atrocities to which they are still exposed and the misunderstandings of their history, religion and traditions in Brazil.

It is through persistence that black Brazilians reach space, recognizing their own existence and transforming it into something positive.

Lita Cerqueira is stubborn, sassy.

Through this stubbornness, she builds something that has been mapping the history of Afro-Brazilian-contemporary and, even if sometimes without intention, opening the way for his stubbornness to become art, which becomes chances, which becomes life.

Ricardo Fernandes, April 2012

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