En Transit


Photography by Weber Pádua

From June 01 to August 31, 2020



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En Transit Concept

Since the beginning of our existence, we have been moving for several reasons: defense, hunting, coexistence, conquests of territories, social hierarchies and survival. Over time and more than 6,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, the invention of the wheel changed the course of human history. It was then that we discovered that transportation, besides being one of our oldest challenges, was also one of the main factors capable to generate wealth, happiness and pleasure.

The complete cycle of social development was therefore established through displacement and transportation, which directly influenced the recognition of our vital spaces.

In 2020, during Coronavirus pandemic, in addition to a terrible health outcome and incidents, one of the aspects that mostly affected us was the impossibility of moving freely, using means that have been developed by ourselves since the beginning of our history and that in fact, continue to be researched until today. We were near motionless, moving on foot a few steps from our homes, within our communities.

Have we gone back to Ancient Era in order to balance the ecosystem for a short time?

Have we taken an obligatory break?

When discussing the future of the world and technology, there is no way to grow if we do not insistently work on the development of transportation, one of the items that mostly influence the scientific community today and certainly in the future. We now seek ecological and non-aggressive forms of human mobility. Everything we have done, all we do and all we will accomplish in the future, depends on transportation because humans are in constant movement.

Perceiving those facts in a curious, critic and funny way, photographer Weber Pádua registered a set of images, presenting us realistic but playful reflections: the relation of humans with displacement and transportation in a diverse attempt to get it right, on an issue that will be constantly a question to our societies … Will we always be En Transit?

This online show is a small and contemporary fraction of the body of work of photographer Weber Pádua, perceived with his creativity, style and colors.

When photography moves along with the artist’s passion of movement, we can follow through his eyes his travels, his movements and the power of his love for his camera.


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