Ana Luiza Rodrigues: Memória 

July 18 – October 30

“Memória consists of artworks inspired by an artistic vocabulary as a testimony to my mixed heritage. My creative process begins through narratives and a thorough search for objects that recall my childhood, youth and particular moments of every day with items such as a guitar, a camera, a toothbrush, a telephone, or a Barbie; I rebooted plus intertwined them like my self-portraits.

The everyday objects ground-in of my parents’ house and purchased from second-hand shops in London and Hamburg were transformed into unique sculptures, referring to connections of the excess, uncertainty, and truths and exploring my concept of beauty and the meaningless.” – Ana Luiza Rodrigues.

Video Art: Untitled (burning cigarettes), Ana Luiza Rodrigues, 2019 Edition, 2022 Digital Film, 1 min., 7 sec.

“Untitled (burning cigarettes) 2019 Edition 2022 is an aesthetic appreciation of life and death in addition to the functionality that symbolizes the perfect balance out the outside formal structure. Also, research on the confrontation of everyday objects, between cigarettes and plants, in that case, transforms the useless into a meaningless sculpture confronted with beauty, fetishes and life.

With that in mind, I decided to address the problem that overlaps with consumerism, in addition to calamities against nature, which allowed me to transform the temporal significance of everyday life into a sculpture with a strong personality and great beauty, despite its inconsistency.

I am inspired by the relationships and tensions between structures, adding and removing elements from my surroundings, in this case, the concrete memory of the plant and the residual memory of my father, who was an uncontrolled smoker, currently a bit aphonic. It is as if this overwhelming alienation amplified the feeling of strangeness and discomfort through the visual impact caused by the absurd representation of cigarettes trapped and burning in a plant.

This desire to merge with everyday life is a strategy that allows me to overcome my father’s alienation. Life is a concept that emerges in dynamic interaction with the qualities and defects of the conditions that develop.” – Ana Luiza Rodrigues.