Ale Ruaro – Male Wonder

September 20 – December 20

A Celebration of Human Diversity through Art

Welcome to Male Wonder, an online art show that invites you to embark on a captivating journey through the world of male nude art by Ale Ruaro.

In this groundbreaking exhibition, we delve deep into the complexities of the human form, exploring its beauty, vulnerability, and the enduring power of connection.

Join us as we challenge societal norms and taboos, pushing boundaries to celebrate the diversity of human experiences. At the heart of Male Wonder is the artist’s profound belief in the equality of all human beings.

From a young age, Ale Ruaro recognized that there is no inherent difference among individuals based on gender, embracing a worldview that transcended societal stereotypes. Their exploration of the male form is an extension of this fundamental belief, a testament to the human experience in all its forms.

Ale Ruaro

“Ale Ruaro was born in the south of Brazil in a city founded by Italian immigration. He attended a Christian school where he never fit in.

From the age of 14 he studied mechanical technical drawing, artistic drawing, comics, sculpture, scenic lighting, theater, cinema photography. On the day his professor stated that Brazilian photography had no history, he left the room saying that he was going to write part of it and left the university.

He never stopped reading and researching image, anthropology and philosophy. The human being has always been his main interest.

From the age of 19, already living in the state capital, he concentrated all his energies on photography. He has worked professionally photographing theatre, advertising and architecture for 14 years. Always uncomfortable with commercial photography, he never imagined himself as a device worker, as a technical operator.

In 2009, already saturated, he burned all the images he had produced with five liters of gasoline. He eliminated what was toxic in life and began his work there as an artist.”

Fernando Schmitt 2023

(Autoportrait photo: Ale Ruaro)


Male Wonder aims to delve into the world of male nude art. How did you first become interested in this genre, and what drew you to explore the male form in your artistic and photographic works?

I started studying art at a very young age (at 14 years old) and since I had gay friends, my father called me “puto” (bitch) and I didn’t see any difference in human beings by gender. When I started my research about human beings, I started to photograph people wanting to show that we are not different.

Male nudity in art can sometimes challenge societal norms and taboos. How do you navigate this fine line between artistic expression and potential controversies? What message or emotions do you aim to convey through your work?

With my work, I always want to show the different as equal.

Your works showcase a unique perspective on the male body. Could you discuss your process of selecting subjects and the creative decisions you make in terms of composition, lighting, and mood to capture the essence of your subjects?

My theme is the human being and the human diversity, consisting of portraits and lifestyle. My composition is inspired by cinema and painting, I am very inspired by important Dutch painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Male Wonder highlights the power of human connection through artistic portrayal. How do you establish a sense of vulnerability and trust with your subjects to capture such intimate moments authentically?

I always say that to do a job of intimacy you need to respect, know the human being deeply and      deal naturally with diversity and I believe that I have achieved this with a deep interest in human   beings, with my life experience and without pre-conceptions.

In a world of diverse identities and expressions, how does Male Wonder contribute to the conversation surrounding masculinity, body positivity, and the broader spectrum of human experiences?

I believe in the importance of normalizing body image, in human diversity. I believe that this work can open a conversation on the subject, and I do not believe in limits.

The visual impact of your work is undeniable. Could you elaborate on the technical aspects of your photography, including equipment, editing techniques, and your approach to post-processing to achieve the desired aesthetic?

My process is very simple, I use a camera with a lot of resolution and a lens with a lot of definition, although I often want to break the rules and use a technique that leaves anything but descriptive. I don’t use post processing; my work is done raw.

Male nude art has a rich history dating back to ancient times. How do you draw inspiration from both classical and contemporary influences while infusing your own unique artistic voice into your creations?

I have a lot of references from great masters of painting and cinema, and I try to be attentive to what is being built in the contemporary world, but always looking at works that are too far from my research not to be influenced.

Male Wonder invites viewers to engage in thoughtful contemplation. How do you envision your audience’s response to your art, and what kind of dialogue or emotions do you hope your work elicits from those who experience it?

The only provocation I can imagine is that people look at it naturally, without taboos. 

As an artist and photographer continually evolving, what future directions do you envision for Male Wonder? Are there specific themes, concepts, or projects you’re excited to explore that will further push the boundaries of your artistic expression?

I’ve thought about it a lot, today I move around and continue my work and when I look at new sets of frames, I realize which way I’m going. The most important thing is to be constantly moving and always building.