Mathilde Thiennot: Mon écorce empreintée (My Bark Imprinted)

April 16 – June 30

Interview with artist Mathilde Thiennot

RF: Tell us about the concept of your research…


MT: Like an ID card specific to each tree, my project creates imprints to nature registering traces marked by the seasons. Reliefs, shapes and colors that characterize a name, a style, a species.

Through drawing, I come to render the beauty of these barks by borrowing from them what is most beautiful: their reliefs generated by their past. It’s an in-depth study and comprehension of their skeleton. 

With the help of my charcoals and other graphite and paper, it is the carbon that will create a story to tell by surprise. Showing the beauty of the bark, this skin that shelters sometimes centenarian beings, is also a way of reading them differently. In other words, with my work I wish to pay tribute to living beings, who have always been there and will still be there long after us.

RF: How do you see our relationship with nature in the 21st century?


MT: Not that good… 

But, because there have been so many environmental disasters lately, I think it will change our daily lives, our way of living and consuming, hopefully leading us to a real global awareness.

There are some initiatives, innovative ideas, but too little financial means to develop and to make them sustainable on a global scale, for not being one of the political priorities, nor one of the main concerns.

It is in the hope that when creating new needs, this leads our leaders to rethink their products and our consumption. Art has an important role to play in this process.

"Ecological awareness will be achieved through the way of conveying information and touching minds. In this case, art is intended to awaken consciences and restore our souls to forgotten things. It is then to use it to reach a greater number on our primary sensitivity and on our feelings."

Mathilde Thiennot