Ana Luiza Rodrigues

Curator: Ricardo Fernandes

Scenography: Ricardo Fernandes, Ana Luiza Rodrigues

Date: February 3 – April 21

The 10 Highlights of Ana Luiza Rodrigues’ First Solo Exhibition in Paris


Ingenuity in Material: Ana Luiza Rodrigues demonstrates exceptional skill in manipulating materials like concrete, metals, plastic, industrial, and natural objects to create sculptures embodying paradoxes.


Visual Language Formation: The artworks form a visual language that blurs boundaries between opposites, challenging conventional perspectives and prompting a deeper examination of contradictory forces.


Magnetic Allure: The tension between irreconcilable elements within each sculpture serves as the magnetic allure, drawing viewers into a contemplation of the harmonious interplay of contradictory elements.


Conductive Conceptual Influence: The artworks showcase a conductive conceptual influence, acting as a unifying force that weaves through the sculptures, inviting viewers to explore the underlying currents of paradox within the artwork.


Juxtaposition: The deliberate juxtaposition of seemingly opposing elements functions as an invitation for viewers to question preconceived notions and embrace the idea that opposites can attract.


Multiplicity of Ideologies: Beyond tangible aspects, the sculptures nod to the multiplicity of ideologies embedded within the artwork, challenging viewers to confront their cognitive dissonances and appreciate beauty emerging from opposing ideas converging.


Finding Common Ground: In a world divided by rigid ideologies, Ana Luiza’s sculptures become a metaphor for the possibility of finding common ground amidst diversity, emphasizing unity through the appreciation of contradictions.


Encouraging Broader Gaze: The sculptures encourage a broader gaze beyond art appreciation, acting as a call to action for viewers to engage with the complex interweaving of ideas in their daily lives.


Binary Thinking: Ana Luiza Rodrigues compels viewers to transcend binary thinking, showcasing the beauty in contradictions and urging an appreciation for the intricate dance of opposites.


Richness in Contradictions: By showcasing the beauty in contradictions, the artist compels viewers to embrace the richness that arises when seemingly conflicting elements coexist, challenging perceptions and inspiring a deeper understanding of opposing forces.