23 Seconds Polyptych Installation


23 Seconds is an installation composedy by 23 very short stories of the quotidian, inspired by British artist Richard Hamilton’s “Swingeing London” in which he created multiple paintings and drawings from a single photograph. Here, the second-to-second form was duplicated by artist Sylvia Morgado to tell different 23 stories whose themes vary creating a fantastic, ludic ensemble based on a poetic creative way of seeing day by day life.

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Item Description

Title: 23 Seconds polyptych installation, Sylvia Morgado

Technique: Antique typewriting ink machine print on handmade paper, museum anti-reflective glass and wood frame.

Edition: 5

Condition: This artwork is in perfect condition.

Signature: Hand-signed by artist. Artwork signed on the back.

Certificate of Authenticity: Included

Frame: Museum anti-reflective glass and wood frame.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 3 × 22 × 18 cm
Dimensions (in)

7 in x 8.6 in (for each piece)

Condition Report

New artwork in perfect condition.

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