Beleza na Imperfeição


This is a collection catalog from the exhibition Beleza na Imperfeição, showcasing contemporary designers Ana Vaz, Olavo Neto and  Zanini de Zanine, presented in Paris in 2014 in a collaboration between Ricardo Fernandes Gallery (Paris, France) and TS Studio (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), sponsored by Sesi Minas – Confederação Nacional da Indústria (CNI), (in English, National Industrial Confederation of Minas Gerais State), Brazil.

Three distinct designers, different and strong personalities of Brazilian culture, getting together to revisit Brazilian design and give it a new breath.

Texts by French journalist Any Collin and Ricardo Fernandes.

This catalogue comes in English and French (Français).

24 pages.


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“Brazilian design, represented by big names such as Joaquim Tenreiro, Sérgio Rodrigues or Oscar Niemeyer is being rebound with a new generation of designers who, through their talent and innovation are beginning to give international market a new breath.

That is why we decided to choose among this generation of young talents three young designers who are not afraid of trying new experiences, forms and materials and add to contemporary design their originality.

Brazilian culture, intuitively, tends to adapt to new challenges of life without realizing it.

Brazilian designers are able to re-invent new usage to new materials – which are sometimes true works of art, with a very special beauty, directly related to their imperfections.

Ricardo Fernandes gallery is honoured to present Ana Vaz, Olavo Neto and  Zanini de Zanine, three Brazilian contemporary designers, whose work is based on appropriation of cultural elements revisited.

These original and innovative designers are certainly great representatives of Brazilian identity.” (extract from the text by Ricardo Fernandes)

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