This is the exhibition catalogue from Finnish painter Kati Riikonen edited by the gallery in 2012 in Paris. Very well received by the public, the solo show presented the dramatic family history hardly touched by the war, loosing their sons to the conflict. An artist of a great sensibility, Kati Riikonen was connected enough to the subject, what made her to express in her best way the hard reality of the conflict, bringing it a poetic but realistic conclusion.

This catalogue is a collectible item in limited edition of 300.

In English & en Français & in Finnish. 16 pages.

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Catalogue from the exhibition held at Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, Paris, France, 2012. Curator and scenography Ricardo Fernandes, critic Miia Siven.

“How did those who were preparing for war and fighting on the battlefield feel? What did the family members at the home front think? The letters convey many kinds of thoughts. They are not full of stories of a war the details of which my uncles were forbidden from mentioning in their letters. Instead, they contain dreams, depictions of daily life, concrete requests to family members, wishes and greetings as well as words of caring and soothing.” (extract from the text by Kati Riikonen and Miia Siven)

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