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The third photo book by Weber Pádua, came as quick as his photography.

Street photo, natural movements, non-intentional reactions. This is all a photographer like him needed for FOTOLA, this international street photo book, putting together pleasure and technique during his many international trips around the globe always looking for the perfect image. “When you photograph people without them knowing, their gestures and expressions seem natural, completely different from those they show to a camera…” answer the artist in a very cool reaction about his new amazing book, when we ask him to explain what is not necessary to be explained in his case.

Very diverse and easy reading, FOTOLA is becoming quick a must have art book for photography collectors.

Street photography is a mix of different aspects like opportunity, curiosity, technique, light and being always ready to get the best from a unique instant.




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This is the third book by photographer Weber Pádua, printed in 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Edition and graphic design Weber Pádua with copyrights retained by the same author.

This personal project is a collection of recent contemporary photos taken by the artist around the globe showcasing his perfect abilities on street photography.


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