The production of Lula Ricardi transits between several media and supports, investing in the research of a variety of creative art languages (stamps, objects, installations and collage). It is with the exercise of photography that he achieves the most powerful and poetic results. Moved by restlessness and the need to present his artworks and expression, the artist does not consider himself a photographer, though, seeing photography as another visual resource applicable to his work in order to establish a dialogue to the world. However, his photographic production has grown and increased over the last four years, with the development of different series which were dedicated to investigating specific conceptual issues: the action and the human marks on architectural space, the ruins caused by time, the relations between body and place – the body and the flesh, the awakening and the solitude.

Now with Hotel 66, Lula Ricardi puts photography at the center of his research, deepening his gaze, assuming a rigorous work methodology and producing images of intense plasticity and conceptual interest. Facing photography as a platform that allows him to perceive, to relate and to interpret the world, Ricardi combines the aesthetic concern with the documentary record, and thus, integrates himself to the expressive segment of contemporary production, which operates by redefining the conceptual contours of this category of photography. What he presents are images whose documentary aspects attest to the poetic subject of historical character, they are records of almost marginal places, made to be seen at night, chosen amid the chaos of the “paulista“ urban landscape.

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Hotel 66 by artist Lula Ricardi was printed in 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Graphically designed by artist Lula Ricardi with copyrights retained by the same author, this personal project is a collection of recent contemporary photos taken by him in São Paulo. He showcases the facades of “love hotels” of São Paulo and their popular approach of “love” on a daily basis. This is also quite interesting the way the artist registers architecture, lightning and general structure of such popular buildings that are generally only understood by Brazilian locals.


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