L’Agressivité et la douceur


The exhibition presented in Paris has showed his very intense series “L’Agressivité et la douceur”. Using a self-constructed red scenario to work he presented shades of the same color in order to get to his final result: a dramatic and strong series that talks about different and opponent feelings and thoughts of our lives.

French texts by Ricardo Fernandes.

16 pages.



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This is the catalogue from the exhibition of Brazilian artist Antonio Temporão (1937 – 2011), held at Ricardo Fernandes Gallery in Paris, France, in 2011 (a few months before his death).

Curatorship, scenography and lightning design by Ricardo Fernandes.

Brazilian artist André Serafim says about Antonio Temporão:

“The conceptual contents featuring his photographic works express his scenic construction of the object. In other words, the images constructed and manipulated by Antonio Temporão always formed his powerful photos before the perception of the observer, who was unaware of his in-built visual concepts. His works reflected, incited and rethought the moment, in constant change. So his photos comfort the act of reflecting on the world around us.

His works is always transforming thoughts into reality. The strength of his work lies in us being part of the work history, inserted in the imagery construction of his thoughts.”

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