Le cerveau et la pensée


This is an exhibition catalog edited by the gallery showcasing painter Antonio Peticov’s work in 2013 in Paris, France.

His work is contemporary and avant-gardist at the same time and his very accurate technique is recognized by many Brazilian Museums and Institutions.

The artist born in 1946 has been one of the most important artists form the 1970’s and 80’s continuing his wonderful career until today as one of the icons of all times in Brazil.

This catalog comes in French (Français).

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This is the catalogue from the exhibition Le cerveau et la pensée (in English, The Brain and the Thought) held at the Parisian gallery back in 2013/2014, showcasing the very prestigious Brazilian artist Antonio Peticov.

Curated by Ricardo Fernandes.

“By creating these artworks, painted on wood and cut to the shape of the brain, of his series “Brain and Thought”, Antonio Peticov tried to give shape to thoughts, to make it alive before our eyes, extracting energy, making us penetrate into the enigmatic universe of the brain, this organ that allows us to think and create. With its brilliant forms of color that seem to palpitate before us, it suddenly confronts us with the great mystery of life.” Any Collin, French journalist (extract).

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