Lita Cerqueira (dwnld)


Downloadable exhibition catalogue, artist Lita Cerqueira, 2012.

“Lita Cerqueira’s photographs are the result of extreme sensitivity and a look of great acuity, forged in the anguish of a repressed people, but proud and patient who fits into the magical dimension of a a booming civilization, in this fourth dimension which is that of inspired nations like Brazil.

I know perfectly well this confluence between the desire of a tropical artist and the unpredictability of our stubborn Gods.

Just like Lita, I am an artist, black and native of the State of Bahia and I know that her photos represent a miracle resulting from an attentive and stripped gaze very close to that of the Gods in trance.”

Gilberto Gil (extract from the catalog “The Photography As I am”)

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Downloadable catalogue from the first solo exhibition of photographer Lita Cerqueira in Paris, 2012.


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