La photographie telle que je suis

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This is a collection exhibition catalogue from painter Adélio Sarro, 2012. The painter work is altruistic and social. He draws from his challenging childhood to question his social environment.

This project not only dared to present an exhibition for the visually impaired but also proposed a voluntary meeting which extended equality and mutual sharing for all others. In reaffirming the place of disabled people in our society, the artist questions the access to art and the methods involved. Integration becomes more than a democratic duty, it is a cultural and social emergency. Adélio Sarro crosses that invisible barrier and connects both sides in a shared perception. He put together a new field of artistic creation and art interpretation.

Texts by Ricardo Fernandes and Thierry Renaudin-Viot

In English & en Français. 20 pages.

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This is the catalogue from the exhibition held at the gallery and curated by Ricardo Fernandes, back in 2012!

Lita Cerqueira is the only Brazilian photographer that photo-registered black culture in Brazil for more than 40 years with such a personnal perception. Lita’s works are available in the main museum collections in the country.

Her friend,  and collector Gilberto Gil said: “The photographs of Lita Cerqueira are the result of an extreme sensitivity and a look of great acuteness, wrought in the anguish of a repressed but proud and patient people who fit into the magical dimension of a growing civilization, in this fourth dimension that is that of inspired nations like Brazil. I know perfectly this confluence between the desire of a tropical artist and the unpredictability of our stubborn Gods. Just like Lita, I am an artist, black and native of the State of Bahia and I know that her photos represent a miracle from an attentive and stripped look, very close to that of the gods in a trance”.




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