A Candeia, Eduardo Fonseca, Porcelain Plate by Vista Alegre


“One of the scenes most depicted during the last 2000 years of Western civilization, the birth of Jesus, has taken countless forms. The sense of birth or rebirth, which engages us throughout end-of-year celebrations, makes us always hopeful for future times, or at least until next Christmas or New Year.

What I want to represent in this work is not only the birth of Jesus as such, but that sense of hope that enlightens us when we have no light (color). It is this feeling that makes us want to be reborn every year and gives us the strength to believe that we can achieve our desires and goals. A Candeia is hope in dark times or times of doubt”. (Eduardo Fonseca)

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Item Description

O Candeeiro (The Lamp)

Eduardo Fonseca, 2020

Painting on porcelain plate with golden edge

50th Anniversary of Christmas Plates Vista Alegre – Portugal

Edition: World exclusive edition of 60.000 plates


This decorative plate from Vista Alegre is not microwave and dishwasher friendly because it contains a golden edge.

The best for its conservation is to wash it in freshwater and neutral soap.


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Dimensions 23.1 × 23.1 × 2.9 cm