La rue


“La rue” holds a book of souvenirs and rules from all the streets she has been to… A sacred book that teaches us the truths and secrets of the city. She has been collecting and taking notes in this book for so many years… Her precious book also teaches us how to keep freedom, equality and the respect of diversity as the main path for our happiness. The path of least resistance – as she loves to teach.

Aware of humankinds, she dresses all human symbols, which together remind us of Mother Nature, street signs, street art, LGBTQIA+ rights, black lives, and all those important details forming a beautiful dress. An African dress? Is she a black-female version of San Francisco of Assisi protecting all those lovely animals and birds, coexisting with them? Anyway, she has a blood-red-aura, bringing humankind to the center of the conversation on a insistent harmony.

As an important part of this painting, animals are represented by a Velázquez dog – always looking at us, a cat looking for the future, a dove, sparrows… all surrounding her in integrated harmony as their Queen of the City, the representative of their kingdom.

Behind them all, the metropole: big, gray, blue-ish metropolitan city…


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The poster La rue from the first Parisian solo exhibition by artist Eduardo Fonseca offers a realistic message, through a figurative painting.

This is part of a 75 edition only and you can acquire it right here with us.

All posters are numbered and stamped by the gallery.

Signed by the artist.

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