The Pilgrin Drawing Gabinet Treasures


In artworks by artist Marcelo Solá, colors and the symbols start a pictorial debate which determines the space of everyone, incisively. Through his drawings, he offers us a brutal but lucid and playful interpretation that puts into question our past and our present, giving life in each of his works to topics that are urgent to question in Brazil: the architectural space sizing space according to history, diversity and culture.

By showcasing the architecture of small villages created by descendants of slaves and all peoples for whom it is urgent to define a geographical and social space in Brazil, the artist opens a gateway to a dialogue that allows us to discover different cultures and generate a real intimacy with what we have in common: our plurality through shapes, colors and spaces.

This book, collection of drawings, photographs and poetry, attests his power of observation and the sharpness of his eyes on what is happening around us. They reveal his perception of the living space and our need to become aware of the human presence through his artistic expression.

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Produced between 2008 and 2019, all drawings, photos and poetry by Marcelo Solá, with exception to pag. 130 photo by Eder Bonfim. Cover drawing by Joel Souza.


Graphic design by Maurício Mota and Marcelo Solá.

Edition by Grafisch Atelier Hidrolands.



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