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This is a collection catalog from artist Sérgio Bello, 2013 and it celebrates his 45 years of artistic carrier.

In the late 70s, his erotic series entitled “Eros” was considered a symbol of ‘’politically incorrect” art for being composed of intellectual works that traced the History of global eroticism. “A little too outrageous” for a conservative government who lived the end of a military dictatorship…

After this first experience that can be considered as his first cry of rebellion against society, his militant stance reached its climax with his series entitled “The Cry of Freedom”, dedicated to the protection of the environment, using art to advocate for ecology protection. This long-term-ecological-art is nothing but an unceasing search of his origins that leads Sérgio Bello to get to the origin of our own existence: Mother Nature.

Texts by Ricardo Fernandes and Pascale Lismonde.

In French (Français). 24 pages.


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This is the catalogue from the exhibition held at Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, Paris, France, back in 2013. Curator and scenographer Ricardo Fernandes.

Through his art Sérgio Bello fights on for the protection of nature.  “It starts from a deep silence in the soul, generating a kind of explosion” – explains Sérgio Bello – The exhibition “Towards Green” offers a new and clear environmental message, a new way to share with people my activism and my involvement”.

The artist belongs to the so called “The Green Infantry”, consisting of a group of artists and intellectuals who advocate for the preservation of the earth, nature, plant and animal species as well as minerals. Sérgio Bello’s work is not created solely for contemplation, but also allows us to understand the need to preserve our environment and to establish a dialogue between man and nature. (Ricardo Fernandes)

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