Vers le vert


In the late 70’s, Sérgio Bello erotic series entitled “Eros” was considered a symbol of ‘’politically incorrect” art for being composed of intellectual works that traced the History of global eroticism. “A little too outrageous” for a conservative government who lived the end of a military dictatorship in Brazil.

Today as a fighter for the Nature, Bello militant stance reached its climax with his series entitled “The Cry of Freedom”, dedicated to the protection of the environment, using art to advocate for ecology protection. This long-term-ecological-art is nothing but an unceasing search of his origins that leads his art to get to the origin of our own existence: Mother Nature.

This wonderful colorful collection poster is part of his 2013 solo exhibition in Paris, when Sérgio Bello officially register his political position using his own gun: his Art. The item is signed by the artist and part of a small edition of 30 posters.

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The poster from the exhibit Vers le vert, in English “Towards Green”, offers a realistic environmental message, a new way to share with people activism and nature protection through Art.

This poster is part of a 30 (almost finished) edition only and you can acquire it immediately here with us.

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