Visiting the Renewed Picasso Museum in Paris!

It was great to visit the renewed Picasso Museum of Paris this last week on a VIP tour guided by its new director, Mr. Laurent le Bon, organized by A.I.C.A. France.

As soon as we get inside the Museum we find a beautiful ensemble of 12 portraits from Picasso by David Douglas Duncan in a white contemporary decó. Lamps, benches and chairs were created by Diego Giacometti in 1985, specially to the Museum. Giacometti finished his work one week before he died in 1985, one week right before delivering it to the Museum…

12 portraits from Picasso by David Douglas Duncan. Lamp by Diego Giacometti 1985.

This time Picasso Museums showcases 400 most prestigious pieces from a around 5000-piece-collection that travels all over the world. Now, new spaces feature also important artworks from Picasso’s own collection.

Although the artist has never lived at the house of the Museum, it seemed to me a real home to his artworks, all of them displayed in a very contemporary white palace.

I want to be back many times and would be happy to meet some friends there if any time in Paris. I am happy to show you my selection of the artworks I loved more during this visit: