A Visit to the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

It is time to take a minute and breath!

We can always do it in one of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, which are amazingly well kept and visits are always a big pleasure. This time my visit was a bit unexpected, though. Too quick but very good as well. The great thing is to be able to see some exquisite classical art pieces I love and to re-see their high level of conservation.

The best in a Museum is to rendez-vous with loved artworks and to know they will be there no matter what, waiting for you. They are simply there, waiting for you to come back. It feels like they belong to us and we can go and see it whenever we want. Isn’t it the real meaning of a Museum? A guardian of our treasures? Well, hope this also works for the world conflict areas… please do not destroy our Museums, our History… for God Sake!

Here are pictures of the artworks that had the strongest reactions on me this time: