Still I Speak

Artist: Juliana Sícoli

Curator: Ioana Mello

Scenography: Ioana Mello, Juliana Sícoli, Ricardo Fernandes

June 24 – August 28

Taking photography as the basis of her creation in art, Juliana Sícoli uses a variety of media to make her point and to establish between her research and her art practice a common language.

The work of Brazilian artist Juliana Sícoli is part of a historical movement of women’s resistance to patriarchy.

For her first exhibition in France, entitled “Still I speak”, the artist presents works that mix her own intimacy with other women’s stories, aesthetic references and evocations of feminist literature or psychology. It is in the strength of the collective that Juliana draws her artistic approach: that of the struggle of women throughout our history.

She uses photography, collage, sewing, and painting in performing movements that reflect on the representation of women. Works that engage in a dialogue with the past and affirm that we are still here, present, shouting our strength.

Ioana Mello