Photo Top 3 in Paris.

I went to check the first photo show from many we are going to have in Paris this November 2014. The year of traditional Photo Biennial of Paris and of course, the internationally known Paris Photo show, promise us lots of activities related to photography at the city this season.

Aside Paris Photo, considered the most important photography art fair of Paris and top three in the world we have many small and very interesting art fairs, showcasing newcomers, internationals and many photographers that should not be ignored from collectors attention.

Unique on its theme and turned to showcasing artists in solo exhibitions, La Quatrième Image comes up with a different concept, interesting to galleries and general art dealers looking for new talents. I was able to find out 3 most interesting eye-catchers of my visit. I did not necessarily was looking for South Americans to be on top of my list but have to admit that those are the works that mostly spoke to me:

At the top of the list comes Rogério Reis, Brazilian photographer of incredible sensibility and intriguing results presented at the fair. I have seen his work before but never got a global idea like now at the fair.  His series Na Lona is a realistic view of pop culture mixed with creativity. Besides photographing Carnival costumes the photographer makes a trip beyond costumes and fun, revealing humanity.

Rogerio Reis

Photo Rogerio Reis, presented during La Quatrième Image art fair of Paris, 2014


Secondly I would say that I was intrigued by the way photographer Lucas Lenci see the world in silence. It seemed to me an introspective view, an inner trip! His photos from Rio de Janeiro are breath-taking and made me stop.

Lucas Lenci

Photo Lucas Lenci, presented during La Quatrième Image art fair of Paris, 2014

Thirdly and also quite intriguing is the work of the Cuban Evel Gonzales. I got the chance of meeting him personally and noticed a kind of frenetic in-satisfaction… Maybe he goes in a rhythm and the world is too slow for his captive eyes. He gets lots of movements, moments, portrays and crystalizes it. Light is a powerful gun in his hands. The cowboy photograph is a good example of that.

Evel Gonzales

Photo Evel Gonzales, presented during La Quatrième Image art fair of Paris, 2014